Plants & Machinery

Plants & Machinery :

Mechanized Work:At Capital Constructions Pvt. Ltd.(CCPL) we have a mechanized construction process which includes

Computerized Batching Plant :

We install computerized batching plants at each of our construction sites for assured quality of Design Mixed Concrete. Raw materials are weigh-batched according to the mix and appropriate admixtures, plasticizers etc. are added for proper workability.

Transit Mixers :

After proper design mixing, the concrete is fed into Transit Mixers for transportation of concrete to the place where concreting is to be done. The concrete is continuously rotated at constant RPM so that setting does not take place and workability is maintained.

Concrete Pump :

For speedy concreting at work of heights, or where proper reach is not there, concrete pump with pipeline is used for placing concrete.

JCB/Poklane /Excavators/Loaders :

For speedy and safe excavation and related earthworks such as backfilling, leveling, spreading soil etc.

Tower Cranes/Hydra :

For construction at large heights, we install Tower Cranes with boom height upto 30 mts and 360 degree rotation.